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Make sure you're prepared for nappy rash!

Even if you follow a regular routine, no two days are the same, and there are certain trigger times* when your baby may be more prone to nappy rash. Discover the 7 nappy rash trigger times.



Weaning your baby onto solid foods can lead to looser stools or diarrhoea, which then leads to a greater likelihood of nappy rash occurring.

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Common Cold

The common cold is bad enough for adults, let alone for a baby who needs all the help and protection you can provide. When a little one has a cold, their stools are usually looser, meaning that nappy rash is more likely to occur. Click below to learn how to help!

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Teething can be a stressful time for a little one (as well as for parents). A runny nose, lots of saliva and diarrhoea are often signs of teething and this is also a time when nappy rash can strike.

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Nappy rash is often linked to antibiotic use. Antibiotics may mildly upset the digestive system leading to diarrhoea which makes nappy rash more likely.

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First sleep

Trust us, you will remember the first time your baby sleeps through the night for the rest of your life! Although an absolute treat for us Metanium parents, a long sleep for your baby can be a trigger for nappy rash, as they spend a longer time in the same nappy.

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Moving on from breast milk can be a sensitive time for your little one's tummy, which may lead to watery stools, so don't worry if the content of your baby's nappies is looking a little off! Make sure you look out for any signs of nappy rash though.

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Loose stools

Diarrhoea - we don't need to say much about this topic, just that it's not the most pleasant for you or your baby. Nappy rash usually starts when the baby's skin is in prolonged contact with urine and faeces, so of course diarrhoea can be a common trigger for nappy rash.

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