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Our Top 10 Toddler Halloween Costume Ideas

Whether you're looking for the perfect trick or treating outfit, something for a family fancy dress party, or simply an excuse to play dress up and have fun with your little one, we’ve put together our top ten costume ideas for toddlers - or any older children you may have too!


One of our favourites is the little old lady or man costume, which doesn’t only look adorable but is also hilarious to see. All you need is a cardigan, some tweed pants/a long flowery skirt, a grey wig and some glasses - your toddler will look all grown up in no time!


We all know how toddlers can notoriously be mucky little pups; the mummy look will not only give them a classic Halloween costume but your little one can run wild as much as they like - it’ll only add to the effect!

To turn your child into a mummy, simply wrap some toilet roll loosely around them, and dab a little black costume makeup under their eyes to give that zombified effect.


Not only do toddlers look absolutely adorable in school uniforms or professor outfits, but there’s a reason that wizards and witches are one of the most popular Halloween costumes year after year! What child doesn’t want to run around casting spells? 

All you’ll need for this one is a pretend school uniform, something that resembles a wand, and potentially some black costume makeup for a scar if you’re trying to look like a particular boy wizard. If you are opting for costume makeup, make sure to check the products age range is suitable for your little one’s delicate skin.  


There’s a good chance your toddler has made you listen to baby shark 100+ times, so they’ll love to be one for Halloween! Shark costumes for your little one can be quite affordable and this is a costume that isn’t limited to Halloween, they can run round being a baby shark for many months after!


Is there anything cuter than a toddler dressed as a tiny avocado for Halloween? Whether you have two children who could become peas in a pod, or some purple balloons at hand to stick on a t-shirt to make a bunch of grapes - the ideas for food costumes are endless!

Our top tip for a quick and easily made costume would be to make a mini strawberry; all you need is a red spotty outfit and a green hat for the stem.


We’re not going to lie, this one is going to be messy (if you take the blue paint route) however, it’s super affordable and makes a cute photo for a little memorabilia. 

All you’ll need is a white and blue outfit with a white hat. Don’t forget, if you’re going for the blue paint, be sure to get one that is gentle enough for your little one’s skin and washes off easily.


If you’re struggling to find the right fit or you don't have much time, onesies are a great last minute solution. Whether your little one wants to be a superhero, unicorn or dinosaur, there are tons of options out there; and the best part is you can count on them being warm and cosy while they trick or treat.


If you’re looking for something a bit more spooky, you can’t go wrong with a ghost. It’s also a really affordable option as all you need is a white sheet and some scissors to cut eye holes.


Who doesn’t love a little pumpkin? Such a popular costume means there’ll be plenty in your local shops! All you need is some green tights and a pumpkin style outfit and you’re good to go. Sometimes the classics are the best.

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