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How to ease back into your social life after having children

Ah the days of having a social life! Anyone else feel like those days are quickly becoming a distant memory since having children?

Over at Metanium HQ, we have been discussing the best ways to incorporate more social time into a schedule, so if you’re reading this while dreaming of having an active social life, then you have come to the right place! We have compiled some useful tips below that will help get your social life back while still being a great parent!


Parent and toddler groups

Parent and baby groups, as well as single parent groups are a perfect way to incorporate some social time into your calendar and are also great places to meet other like-minded mums and dads. Plus, it’s an amazing opportunity for your little one to make new friends. Why not do a quick online search to find out what activities are going on in your local area? Good websites to check out are and

There are loads of different activities out there from painting and music classes to reading and sport clubs. Look up online to find out what’s on offer near you!


Reach out to your friends

We understand that circumstances can change when you have children and that your friendships with people can sometimes be affected as a result. This is completely normal and something that a lot of new parents feel. Making time for your friends, talking and being open with them after you’ve had little ones is really important.

Try and find time that works around your schedule, e.g. when the little ones are at playgroup, otherwise you can invite them over to hangout in the evenings when the baby has gone to bed.

Arrange meet-ups with other couples with babies. Start with your circle of friends and then even reach out to other parent couples that live close-by or have similar interests.

Have you also thought about reaching out to any of your friends whom you lost contact with after they had children? If they started their family a few years before and you have since lost touch, they could offer some valuable parenting advice – perhaps they can even help out from time to time.


Try to compromise

Compromise with your partner or other members of your family who are around to help. Alternate childcare arrangements with your partner, perhaps they could pop out for lunch one Saturday and in return you could attend that evening yoga class! Find a balance that works around your lifestyle and try not to add too much pressure to your routine. If your plans don’t work out one week, don’t worry - just try and make it work for the following week. After all, parenting is all about trying to find balance and compromise!


Perhaps it's time to call on your friends whom you've lost touch with or to join a parent and toddler group. Take small steps every day and soon enough, you'll be able to choose the social event that best suits you. 

Get the right support

We’re all human and everyone needs a little bit of support from time to time! If you are struggling, it’s okay to ask for help and there are plenty of ways to reach out. Speaking to other parents in similar situations can be really helpful. Try online forums or relevant social media channels, some great ones to check out are Mumsnet and our Metanium Facebook page. If you’re putting your social as well as your professional life back on track, then check out tips for heading back to work after becoming a parent.

Easing back into your social life after having children isn’t so difficult; take it one step at a time and make small, daily changes. Prioritising some time for yourself by socialising with friends or practising a sport or hobby can lead to a happier lifestyle! Before you know it, you’ll be cherry-picking the best options for socialising!

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