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How to toddler-proof your home

Similar to when your little one started weaning, and put everything into their mouth, when it comes to toddlers, everything in your house has now become something for them to explore or climb on. The terrible twos could also be named the curious twos - your home is their oyster, and they intend to conquer it!

Now, of course,little accidents are part of growing up, but it’s our job as parents to minimise the risks when our toddlers start crawling and walking around; so to give you a helping hand, here’s a list of some of the things you could do to toddler-proof your home.


Whether it’s toilets, cupboards, cabinet drawers, or fridges, make sure anywhere with hazardous or expensive objects has a safety latch installed - this will prevent your little one getting hold of something they shouldn’t (medicines, knives, expensive makeup etc.). Here at Metanium HQ we would advise that any hazardous objects like cleaning supplies, are moved completely out of reach of children in a high cupboard if possible - you never know what a determined toddler can accomplish!

If you have a home with a stove burner you can buy protective knob covers which prevent any accidental ignitions. To be on the safe side around stairs, then installing safety gates at the top and bottom is essential once your baby starts to crawl.


From a young age, babies like things being dangled in their faces - whoever invented the hanging mobile is a genius! However, now that your baby is exploring, you will need to cover up any flyaway cables behind your television, or any loose hanging window blind cords you may have dangling near your window sills.

To protect your little one, you can buy cable tidy boxes to hide away any electrical wires or safety tassels for blinds to wrap the cord around and prevent your child from getting tangled up in them when playing. Plug covers are also an essential for when your baby starts to crawl, as toddlers are renowned for wanting to touch everything they see!


Furniture like coffee tables, low cabinets, side tables etc. may need corner and edge bumpers installed to protect your child from sharp edges when they inevitably stumble over. It’s also a good idea to invest in some doorstops or hinge protectors to prevent any of their tiny fingers getting trapped in your doors, and maybe even a cover for your taps to avoid any head injuries during bath time.


A great tip from our parents here at Metanium HQ would be to explore your home through your child's eyes - literally. The next time you have a spare minute, kneel down to your baby’s level and take a look at the things you may not have spotted, for example that penny that rolled under your bed whilst you were getting dressed this morning, or a shampoo bottle you may have left open at the side of the bath last night when rushing to wash your hair. These are all items that are easy to swallow.

Any small objects should be kept high and out of reach of children and it’s also a good idea to remove table cloths, so your toddler can’t pull them off the table when trying to stand (along with everything else on there too!).


Use this time to give your home a little rearrange. Once your toddler becomes strong enough to climb up on things it might be time to move that beautiful dresser you have by the window to a new home. A curious toddler could potentially climb on furniture as an escape route out of the window - safety locks can also be bought for your windows too, so don’t worry too much!

If you have free-standing bookcases or dressers, we advise where possible to use brackets to fasten them to the wall as crawling babies love to pull themselves up on things.

In the bathroom we recommend removing the toilet brush from sight and refraining from using toilet blocks as your child may detach it and think it’s a new toy to play with.


Now that the weather is getting a little nicer make sure to toddler-proof your garden too. It is essential that garden ponds have a strong cover on such as a metal grid and always empty your paddling pool after use to prevent any unwanted swimming from your toddler when you aren’t looking. It may be worth triple checking you don’t have any poisonous plants in your garden, too.

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