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Dealing with the weight you gained after giving birth

A most common quote our Metanium mums share is, “I’m glad I have such an adorable baby to use for my profile picture, until I lose the weight”. It makes us laugh because it’s so true and because one by one, we’ve all been there. Although we all wish the baby weight would just roll off in 20 minutes like in the movies, sadly in the real world that’s not how it happens. Still, it’s not something to lose sleep over as we have lots of tips and tricks to help you figure out what works best for you. Once you feel ready to start your post-baby diet, which should hopefully be a few months after giving birth, and after you’ve had the OK from your doctor, make sure you follow our top tips.

A healthy diet is a great place to start 

As simple as it may seem, a healthy, balanced diet is the best place to start. One thing to avoid at all costs is a crash diet! Crash dieting is eating a very low amount of calories with the aim to lose a large amount of weight quickly. Sounds great, right? Wrong, losing too much weight too quickly is always a bad idea – but even more so after giving birth. A low-calorie diet will increase your tiredness, you won’t have enough energy and with a little one to take care of, feeling more fatigued than you normally would is the last thing you need!

Although food is the main part of a healthy diet, staying hydrated is equally important. An added bonus is that it helps you burn calories (yay!) not to mention how great your skin will look as water helps get rid of toxins.

Team up 

As every person who has ever tried to lose weight will tell you, exercise is a really important step in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. And they're right! A healthy diet is a priority, but without exercise to help you maintain your strength, those tired arms from carrying your baby around will continue to feel strained. Not only is exercise great for building muscle, but it’s also a wonderful way to release endorphins and make you feel more positive and upbeat. Even the simplest of exercises can make a difference, such as going for a nice long stroll at the nearby park to get the blood circulating.

It’s definitely worth going for a “test drive” before investing in a pram, just to make sure everything is in the right place for you.
You could be walking miles with it, so you’ll want it to feel comfortable.

Your body, your rules 

Even though these tips will help you to start your journey it doesn't mean that they will work overnight. Bottom line is you need to take it easy on yourself, you just gave birth to a little human. For your body to accommodate the baby lots of things had to move around, so give yourself time for you and your body to adapt. Remember there is no time limit to losing weight. It doesn't matter if it takes two months or two years, it’s your body and therefore your rules.

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