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Summer Pregnancy: 8 Ways to Beat the Heat


Hot, sweaty and a baby on the way? We feel you! 

There are plenty of advantages to warmer weather during pregnancy… the floaty dresses, the icy drinks and the freedom of wearing sandals to name a few. But it is common for women to feel warmer during pregnancy anyway, so the humidity and heat can sometimes cause added discomfort. 

We’ve put together some top tips to help you keep cool whilst you spend some time in the great outdoors and make the most of the weather while it lasts!

Pregnant woman in summer dress



Floaty dresses and trousers will be your new best friends. When you're pregnant, the less restrictive your clothes are, the better!  When it comes to summer, this only becomes more important. Wearing breathable, light-colored clothing will help you to keep cool on warmer days, reducing discomfort. Thankfully maternity clothes offer an extensive range of clothing styles to accommodate your growing bump.



Enjoy the sun while it lasts and remind yourself that sunshine is rare in the UK, so try to make the most of it and get some precious vitamin D! Staying out of the direct sun and in the shade will keep you cool, staying under an umbrella and wearing a hat will allow you to sit outside, get some fresh air and enjoy the summer breeze without overheating. Avoiding being in the sun for long periods of time will help to prevent you from overheating, particularly during the warmest hours of the day (11 am-3 pm). Take advantage of the nice weather by taking a short early morning or evening stroll. 

Pregnant with family at summer



Whilst summer holidays may not be an option at the moment, spending time in the garden will ensure you get your daily intake of fresh air. If it gets a little hot, try cooling yourself down by dipping your feet in a bowl of cold water or a paddling pool - you can even close your eyes and pretend you’re on that much needed summer holiday! If just dipping your toes in isn’t cutting it, then how about taking a cool or lukewarm shower



Keeping your head cool can help you feel more comfortable in the heat. As well as staying in the shade, if you have long hair then tying it up off your neck and away from your face will allow more of a breeze. Investing in a spray bottle is one top tip; all you need to do is fill it with water and keep it in the fridge overnight, then spray it on the back of your neck and your forehead when you want to cool down.



Drinking enough water can be tricky enough in the hotter months as it is, but keeping hydrated is particularly important when you’re pregnant. You can make this more interesting by making delicious healthy mocktails, fresh cold smoothies or simply adding some lemon to water for a citrus flavour and a vitamin C boost!

Pregnant woman in bed drinking water



Staying healthy and eating nutritious food is key during pregnancy, but appetites commonly decrease in the summer months. Eating hydrating snacks such as watermelon and strawberries may help. Avoiding standing over the hot stove cooking may be the way to go!



You might feel warmer than usual due to hormonal changes and an increase in blood supply to the skin, this also means that you’re likely to sweat more. This may lead to trouble sleeping, particularly in hotter weather. To help with this, you can keep your blinds closed in your bedroom to avoid direct sunlight from heating up the room and leave the window open during the evening when the temperature has dropped. Perhaps invest in a lower tog duvet or sleep with a bedsheet instead of a duvet. Wearing pajamas made from cotton or other natural fibres will also help to absorb sweat, and a hot water bottle filled with cold water might help to lower your temperature too.

Pregnant woman sleeping on side



Ankles and feet can swell during pregnancy as your body retains more water than usual and unfortunately swelling can get worse during the heat. Try to put your feet up in your down time and wear comfortable shoes as much as possible. Gentle foot exercises throughout the day such as bending and stretching your foot up and down and rotating each foot in circular motions, may help to increase blood circulation and reduce swelling. If you have a partner, now is the perfect time to guilt trip them and get a foot rub every now and then!


We hope our tips help you out! Make sure to remember that pregnancy is tiring even in cool weather, so give yourself a lot of credit and plenty of time to rest!

Have you been struggling with your summer pregnancy? What are your handy tips for beating the heat? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram!

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