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How to Plan a Baby Shower

Do you have somebody special in your life who’s about to bring a little one into the world? If you’re a friend, a relative, or even a significant other of the mum-to-be, it might be up to you to plan an amazing baby shower. Luckily, we at Metanium know how complicated it can be to organise a shower, so we’re here to offer you some top tips to give them (and you) a stress-free, enjoyable day! 



Pastel coloured Baby Shower Biscuits

Although it’s perfectly acceptable to host the shower anytime during the pregnancy, most people choose to throw it later on in the pregnancy, so the mum-to-be can be sure that everything is going well, but not too close to the due date, as it’s nice to give her time to be able to sort through any presents. Having a shower in their third trimester also means they’ll have a nice bump to show off for all the photos! 

A great idea is to actually talk it through with her, listing any potential dates that may work for other people invited, especially family and close friends. If the mum-to-be has mentioned she would prefer a shower after the baby is born, that's fine too of course; with a newborn baby to fuss over, there will be lots to talk about! 



Mothers at a baby shower

When deciding on a location for the shower, we recommend thinking about what the mum-to-be would want. If you know that she would rather have a smaller, intimate gathering, then a casual get together in somebody’s house with only close friends and family would be perfect. If the mum-to-be is more of a lively, outgoing type, then consider hosting the shower in a restaurant, party venue or even an outdoor location, so you’re able to invite as many friends and family as they’d like! 

Other important factors to consider include your budget, the number of guests attending and the time of year you’re holding it in. If you’re having an outdoor shower, maybe consider what the weather might be like on that day - nobody wants to have a baby shower picnic in the rain! Once all these details have been decided, the real fun of planning the theme can begin. 



Sailor themed baby shower

The theme can depend on a whole range of things, including the baby’s gender. If the mum-to-be doesn’t want to reveal the baby’s gender (or is waiting to find out herself) then basing a theme around something that she enjoys might be the best way to go. A theme is also a great way to give your guests some inspiration for what to get the expectant mum if the gender hasn’t been revealed. Some of our personal favourite themes include: 


A Disney themed shower is always a great choice, decorate the venue like a castle and have guests write their own mini-fairy tales in a book for the baby, or centre it around the guests of honour’s favourite Disney film! 

Sports team

Does your mum-to-be have a favourite football, rugby or cricket team? Why not have a baby shower theme centred around them! If they’re playing, plan the shower around the game, and finish it off with some team costumes and a themed cake. 


One of the most cherished childhood memories is reading your favourite book before bedtime, which makes it the perfect option for a baby shower theme! Guests could bring their favourite storybook for the baby and write a message inside. A quiz of “finish the story” could be a great way to bring some friendly competition to the shower. 


Basing the theme around the season the baby will be born in can be a great way to create a neutral shower if the gender hasn’t been revealed. A springtime shower could feature fresh flowers and pastel colours, while a winter shower could have more of a Christmas theme, with fake snow and baby-themed Christmas tree decorations. 



Baby shower food table

Depending on where your baby shower is, the food and drink needed for the event could be entirely homemade or fully catered. Finger food is always a popular choice so that guests can have as little or as much as they want, with a spread of sandwiches, crisps, cupcakes, and whatever else takes your fancy! 

How much food and drink is brought for the shower usually depends on the size of the guest list, but it’s always advised to buy more than you think you’ll need, you’ll be surprised how fast your guests will get through everything. Dietary requirements are also important, especially as the mum-to-be can only eat certain foods. Make sure to ask her and every guest attending what they can and can’t eat, it’ll make ordering or making the food a much easier process. 



A great way to send invitations to guests is through Facebook or WhatsApp groups! This way, you have plenty of time to collect your RSVPs and start planning! We would recommend consulting the expectant mum when it comes to the guest list, to ensure that everyone she wants is there and that you have all the necessary contact details. 

When writing out or sending the invitations over email, try to give as much detail as you possibly can about the date, time, venue and theme of the shower. 



Baby shower games

Games can serve as the perfect ice breaker when bringing together different friends and family from the mum-to-be’s life, and they’re just a fun way to spend the afternoon after the grub has been eaten and the adorable presents are opened! Check out some of our favourite game choices below: 

Guess the baby

On each invitation, let your guests know that they need to each bring a baby photo of themselves to the shower. Hang all these pictures up and give each person a list of all the guests for them to match to each picture, whoever gets the most right wins a prize! 

Mummy-to-be Quiz

If your mum-to-be enjoys being the centre of attention, this is a great game for her! Before the shower, gather as much information about the guest of honour as you can, and devise a quiz around the questions and answers you create. Whoever gets the most right wins the prize! Top tip - try to make the questions a mixture of easy and hard, so that not everyone will know all the answers. 

What am I?

Nothing brings a group of people together like a game of yes and no, especially when it’s baby related! As each guest arrives, pin on their backs an image of something baby-related e.g. a dummy, nappy, bib etc. As your guests mingle, each person can ask a series of yes and no questions to find out what object they are. 

Guess the Baby

Food Have guests blind taste different baby foods and guess what it is! The person or group that gets the most right will win a prize! 

Make a Nappy

This is a great game for everyone to get to know each other if some of your guests don’t know many people at the shower! Guests will get into pairs with some toilet roll, and one person will make a nappy on the other person in under 1 minute! 

Little Messages for the Mum/Dad to be

Provide each guest with a baby bib or nappy and some coloured sharpies so they can write a little message of encouragement or a funny message for the mum/dad to be’

Baby Predictions

Have a poster board where guests can guess the baby’s weight or arrival date! Winners of this game, of course, will have to wait until the little one arrives. 

What’s in the Baby Bag?

Add a few baby items in a closed bag and each guest has to have a feel and write down as many as they can. The one with the most correct items can win a prize! 

When planning games for a baby shower, always keep in mind how many guests are attending, and what tools you’ll need to make the game a success. If your game requires prizes, try to make sure they’re as neutral as possible, as you never know who will be winning them! 

No matter how simple or decadent the shower you plan is, as long as you keep in mind what the mum-to-be wants, you can create a beautiful baby shower that she’ll never forget! 

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